About Us

We are Human Race – the UK’s leading mass participation events organisers, putting on major events in Running, Cycling and Triathlon around the country.

We bring together an active and diverse community of people each taking part for their own individual reasons. Our participants vary from nervous first-timers through to World Champions, and we are proud that across our events participants raise millions of pounds for charities every year.

In practice, our purpose is embodied by our ‘CARE’ commitments:

The details and projects within these commitments are constantly evolving and we aim to constantly improve in these areas. Below you can read about some of the tangible things we have done and are doing at the Royal Windsor Triathlon


  • Macmillan is our official charity partner and each year hundreds of triathletes raise funds for their important work. Since 2015 the event has raised £497k for Macmillan.
  • To read more about how you can raise money and take part for Macmillan click here


  • For visually impaired participants we offer free places for their guides
  • We provide specific disabled toilet facilities at the event.
  • We have reserved parking closer to the event available for those who may require it, please get hold of us (details below).
  • As it is a race, waves are done by age and gender, so you are competing with people at a similar level. Mates waves and beginner waves with a more relaxed atmosphere are also available.
  • We endeavour to always help people with different needs and requirements take part if we can. If you have any questions and are looking to take part and need to discuss any of the above (or anything that isn’t listed here) please email us at races@humanrace.co.uk and we will do our best to help you.


  • We endeavour to make each event as safe as possible for all those participating and those impacted by it. Through careful planning and communication along the way we try to do our upmost to ensure an incident-free event for all.
  • We encourage all participants to only take part if they are fit enough to do so. To train properly well in advance and consult a Doctor or other professionals if required
  • We send out event information regularly in the run up to the event to make people aware and keep them up to date with the latest advice and practical guides for the event.
  • The cycling leg takes place on open roads and by signing up for the event all participants agree to abide by and adhere to the Highway Code. We communicate this often and it is part of our pre-ride briefing. You can also find it

Environment (sustainability)

Recycling and Reducing Waste

  • Working with the relevant stakeholders & councils, the waste from the event will be recycled where possible
  • We will be separating waste at our Athlete Village to ensuring we are recycling as many items as possible

Race Packs & Pre-Event Communication

  • Our extensive event guide is 100% digital and sent to participants via email, removing the need for any printing
  • Participants register exclusively online, and all further event updates are sent via email and/or are posted on social media
  • Race packs are posted out in a recyclable paper envelope
  • Your personalised bib number included is made from firstron material which is recyclable
  • The welcome letter inside the race pack is made from recyclable paper

Finish Line Items & Gifts

  • Medals made from wood, a less intensive material than metal. They are ordered early to ensure they can be delivered by sea rather than air freight. They are designed to be kept as a memento by participants.
  • All leftover/unclaimed medals will be recycled by an external company
  • No leaflets or paper will be given out at the event