What to pack for a triathlon

Packing for a triathlon requires careful consideration to ensure you have everything you need for each leg of the race. Here’s a comprehensive list to ensure you don’t arrive with something essential missing:

Essential Gear To Pack:

Swim Gear:

  • Swim cap which has been provided by us
  • Wetsuit (The wearing of wetsuits in triathlon is governed by British Triathlon rules and is totally dependent on a water temperature reading one hour before the event start. The likelihood is that wetsuits will be optional, but we always recommend you swim in one as they help with buoyancy and warmth.)
  • Ankle timing chip provided by us when you collect your pack.
  • Old flip flops you are happy to discard to walk to the swim start.

Bike Gear:

  • Bike (properly maintained and compliant, please see the event guide for guidance on this)
  • HelmetĀ 
  • Helmet and bike sticker which you will receive in your pack
  • Cycling Shoes/ the shoes you use to cycle.
  • Water Bottles or Hydration Pack
  • Bike Repair Kit with spare tubes, pump, tyre levers and a multitool

Run Gear:

  • Running Shoes (some even opt for a fresh pair of socks!)
  • Race Bib and Safety Pins
  • Sunscreen

Transition Area:

  • Transition Mat or Towel (please no boxes)
  • Plastic Bags (always a bonus to have ready for wet gear)
  • Quick Energy Snacks (energy gels, bars)

Optional Items: These are not a necessity but nice to haves


  • Pre-event snacks
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Post-event recovery snacks or drinks

Warmth and Comfort:

  • Hat or Visor
  • Warm clothing for pre and post-race (depending on the weather)
  • Change of clothes


  • Race Confirmation and ID
  • Goggles
  • Medical Information/ID (if needed)
  • Cash or Credit Card
  • Personal Hygiene Items (deodorant, wipes)


  • Check the Rules: Different races may have specific gear requirements or restrictions.
  • Practice Transitions: Set up your transition area at home and practice switching between disciplines efficiently.
  • Pack Methodically: Organise your gear in a way that makes it easy to access what you need during each stage of the race.
  • Arrive Early: Give yourself plenty of time to set up your transition area and familiarize yourself with the race venue.