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Entries for the 2022 Royal Windsor Triathlon are now open. You can enter here.

You can take part in a Sprint or Olympic distance, individually or in a relay. Find out more about the distances and what you get for your entry below.

  • Individual Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)
  • Individual Olympic Triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run)
  • Relay Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)
  • Relay Olympic Triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run)

Location and Travel

The event starts from Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue, Windsor, SL4 3HY.

Getting to Windsor by car

Windsor is just 30 miles west of London and is easily accessible via the major motorway networks. From M3 exit at Junction 3 (Bagshot), from M4 exit at Junction 6 (Windsor), from M25 exit at Junction 13 (Egham) and from M40 exit at Junction 4 (Marlow) or Junction 2 (Beaconsfield).

Long stay car parks are located at Romney Lock, King Edward VII Avenue and Alexandra Gardens. All are cheaper than the more central (shopping) car parks and are less than a 10 minute walk to Windsor Castle for spectators.

Getting to Windsor by train

Windsor is served by two train stations, Windsor & Eton Central and Windsor & Eton Riverside. Both are situated within a few minutes walk of Windsor Castle. First Great Western operates services from London Paddington, you then need to change at Slough onto the branch line that links with Windsor & Eton Central Station. Alternatively, South Western Railway operates direct services from London Waterloo to Windsor & Eton Riverside Station (journey time approximately 55 minutes). Please check train times prior to travelling, to ensure you can arrive in time for the early Sunday start.

Timings and Start List

2019 Start List available here.*

*2022 Start Times will be released 1 month before the event, but is likely to be similar to the below.

Below are the 2019 wave timings.

Please note that all racking must take place on Saturday (unless you have purchased ‘on the day’ racking). If you cannot come to registration personally, you can give someone else a letter of authorisation and they can do it for you.

Wave and Racking Options

There are a few different options to choose from depending on whether you’d like to register on the day or the day before, and how competitive you are.


Macmillan Beginner’s Wave – Sprint Distance wave designed for newcomers to triathlon. You will receive extra support, tips and guidance throughout your training by Macmillan. Whilst fundraising isn’t compulsory with this entry option, it is strongly encouraged. By selecting this option, you are consenting to receive information from Macmillan. Click here for more information.

BTF Age Category Wave  – BTF Age Category waves split participants into waves according to gender and age. We follow the standard BTF age categories (20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc) whereby your wave is calculated by your age at the end of the year. Depending on demand, we may group categories together.

Mates Wave – Mates Waves are non-competitive, mixed gender and age waves which allow participants to race with their friends and family.


Mixed Wave – Take the hassle out of registering the day before and upgrade your entry to rack your bike and register on the event day. Sunday racking has limited space so book early to guarantee your spot. Your race pack will be posted out to you for this wave, so please remember to bring it with you on the day.

Email Updates

We send out email updates to everyone registered for the Royal Windsor Triathlon to make sure you have all the information you need. You can expect to receive these emails with 3 months to go, 2 months to go, 1 month to go, 10 days to go, 5 days to go and 3 days to go.

If you have unsubscribed from us in the past, we won’t be able to email you. You can resubscribe here.

Road Safety

Whenever you are out on your bike, whether you are taking part in an event or not, please always ride safely, remain aware and look after yourself, bearing in mind that other road users and the conditions that you face may be unpredictable. It is also important that all road users are aware of the Highway Code and are considerate towards each other. Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence.


From the start to the finish of every cycle sportive, or the cycling section of a triathlon that uses the public highway, all participants will be expected to adhere to all briefings/information given in communications shared in advance of the event, briefings given on the day (which may supersede previous information if there have been any changes), and also to the Human Race cycling code, which includes the following:

  • Unless otherwise or expressly stated, the roads should always be considered as open to traffic and you must ride accordingly – including obeying all Highway Code rules and road regulations at all times.
  • You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Single file riding is mandatory when double white line systems are in operation on the roads.
  • Unless required during a safe overtaking procedure you should not cross the centre line whilst riding, and should make sure, particularly on descents, that you slow down sufficiently to be able to make a turn onto a side road without having to cross onto the ‘wrong’ side of the road.
  • Please always remain aware of your fellow participants and all other road users (including motor vehicles, other cyclists, horse riders & pedestrians) and ensure you always leave sufficient space / give way where required.
  • Please always indicate & signal your intention to stop or change direction, including at junctions.
  • Please do not pass through any red traffic lights, but wait as directed. Similarly give way at all pedestrian crossings to those wishing to use them.
  • Please look out for and observe all Highways signage relating to descents, bends, general road regulations, cattle grids and other hazards.
  • Please also take note of any specific event signage which has been erected as this will be in place for your safety and to warn you of what is approaching on the Highway – HOWEVER these will not and cannot highlight every risk and so you must remain alert & maintain an awareness of your surroundings at all times.
  • You should remain in control and ride according to your ability as well as the road conditions / environment. So think and look ahead to look out for any potential obstacles / risks coming up. This may include hidden dips and obstacles / hazards around corners – if you cannot see a good way along the road ahead of you or around a corner then slow down accordingly so you can respond / react if necessary.

Please note that we reserve the right to terminate your participation if you fail to comply with any of the above, or are seen to be riding dangerously.


You can find a full version of the Highway Code here:

Rules for Cyclists (59 to 82)

You should:

  • never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends
  • not ride close behind another vehicle
  • be considerate of other road users
  • look well ahead for obstructions in the road, so that you do not have to swerve suddenly to avoid them
  • take care when overtaking


  • ride in a dangerous, careless or inconsiderate manner

You MUST obey all traffic signs and traffic light signals

Before overtaking you should make sure:

  • the road is sufficiently clear ahead
  • road users are not beginning to overtake you
  • there is a suitable gap in front of the road user you plan to overtake.

Animals. When passing animals, always go by slowly. Give them plenty of room and be ready to stop.

Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles. Be particularly careful of horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles especially when overtaking. Always wait until it is safe to do so and pass wide and slowly on their outside. Look out for horse riders’ and horse drivers’ signals and heed a request to slow down or stop. Take great care and treat all horses as a potential hazard; they can be unpredictable, despite the efforts of their rider/driver.

Double white lines where the line nearest you is solid. This means you MUST NOT cross or straddle it unless it is safe and you need to enter adjoining premises or a side road. You may cross the line if necessary, provided the road is clear, to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

Rule 146

Whilst the wording of Rule 146 refers to ‘drivers’, the points made in it apply to all road users, including cyclists, and are important areas to familiarise yourself with as they refer to adjusting to the appropriate type and condition of road you are on. The points include but are not limited to:

  • taking the road and traffic conditions into account
  • being prepared for unexpected or difficult situations, e.g. the road being blocked beyond a blind bend
  • being prepared to adjust your speed as a precaution where there are junctions and in case of other road users emerging from side roads
  • whilst on country lanes being prepared to look out for unmarked junctions where nobody has priority


Human Race triathlons are governed by British Triathlon, therefore all entrants are required to abide by all applicable British Triathlon rules and regulations which can be found in the BTF Rulebook here.

BTF Membership Fee

If you’re not a current member of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or the Welsh Triathlon Association, you will be liable to pay a £6 membership fee at registration (£3 for Youth & Juniors). We regret that we can take cash only, no credit/debit cards. Please show your race licence at registration if you are already a member.

Open Road Cycling

This event contains open road cycling, and all participants must abide by the Highway Code and Human Race Cycling Code – click here to read them.

MP3 Players

British Triathlon Rule Number 8.1 states “Any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration is prohibited from use during an event (including transition). This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones (which should be switched off if stored in transition), personal stereos and MP3 players.”


We are often asked if wetsuits have to be worn at our events. This is governed by British Triathlon rules and is totally dependent on water temperature one hour before the start of the event. We will always advise participants on the day what the current situation is – read the wetsuit rule for triathlons here (rule 4.2).

Age Requirements

    • Sprint distance – minimum age 15 at 31 December 2022
    • Olympic distance – minimum age 17 at 31 December 2022