Wetsuit Hire


Europe’s leading wetsuit brand, Zone3 has built its reputation on a deep-rooted passion for triathlon and ensuring that their wetsuits offer market leading performance, innovation and functionality.

Zone3 has won more industry design awards than any other wetsuit brand, including the first and only 10/10 review from 220 Triathlon Magazine, and many others including Best in Class, Top Value and Game Changer of the Year.

Their product philosophy and commitment to excellence ensures a range suitable for athletes of all levels, helping maximise performance and enjoyment within the sport.

You can purchase or hire a Zone3 wetsuit to make sure you’re fully prepared for your event at the Zone3 interactive race hub here.

Deadline to reserve your hire is 2 weeks before the event.

Wetsuit Rule

We are often asked if wetsuits have to be worn at our events, but this is governed by British Triathlon rules and is totally dependent on water temperature one hour before the start of the event. 

Water Temperature Wetsuit Rule
Water Temp less than 14 degrees Wetsuits are COMPULSORY
Water Temp 14 – 22 degrees Wetsuits are OPTIONAL
Water Temp above 22 degrees Wetsuits are BANNED


Wetsuits help with buoyancy and warmth, so we strongly recommend that you wear one if they are optional. We will keep you updated with water temperature as we get closer to race day and and share the final result on the morning of the event.