Age Before Beauty? Dad and Daughter to Race at the Royal Windsor Triathlon!

Amelia – one half of the father-daughter duo taking part at the Royal Windsor Triathlon this year – is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Daddy’s girl’. Rather than a butter-wouldn’t-melt-batting-eyelashes-sweet-but-spoilt stereotype, Amelia is taking on her dad at the Olympic triathlon distance this year – and showing no mercy to her old man!

The close pair, who share a love for the swim-cycle-run event, have been racing each other in triathlon since October 2022. We spoke to Mark, Amelia’s father, to find out more about their challenges and, crucially, who to bet on to win the race this year…

1. So Mark, how long have you and your daughter been doing triathlon?

I started doing triathlons in 2012 and have competed in everything from sprint to full Ironman. After laughing at me for many years, we did a relay Ironman 70.3 in Weymouth (me cycling, Amelia running). Then Amelia moved to Turkey and decided she wanted to do the local Antalya Ironman 70.3 as a relay. But when she couldn’t find anyone to join her team, she decided to do it herself. She ran inconsistently before and did some half marathons, but when she started training she couldn’t do front crawl or ride a bike properly (around May 2021, 18 months before Antalya 70.3). I wrote all her training plans so it’s been quite a journey! I won by a whole hour that time. Amelia says its only because she had “gastrointestinal distress”.

2. Well, an IronMan might do that to you! Will the Royal Windsor Triathlon be close or is there an underdog?

My daughter is definitely the underdog in Ironman, although over the shorter distances she is much closer! There will be a much smaller gap in our times at the Royal Windsor Triathlon – but I’m not allowing myself to feel nervous. Our swims are similar, although my daughter can do transitions much faster. I am much faster on the bike, and she’s improving on the run… but still running in my dust haha!

3. Who trains more / is better at training?

Amelia is probably more disciplined and consistent because she works from home so seems to be able to go out whenever she wants for training. Unlike me – I have to be out at 5.30am for training to fit it around my proper job.

4. Why do you think you could win the race?

Age before beauty!

5. Who will be the most humble winner, and who will be the bragger?

Amelia is by far the biggest bragger even when she doesn’t win.

6. How does participating in triathlon alongside your daughter make you feel?

Regardless of any competition, I’m so happy my daughter is into triathlons now and I am always so proud of her after the event. Although on our coffee rides I always seem to be paying for the coffees, even though she’s 28…


We also asked Amelia who she thinks will win at the Royal Windsor Triathlon this year:

I think I’ll win because last year, Dad got confused and did an extra loop of the bike course (he mistook miles for km on his garmin hahaha). That’ll give me a chance!

Thank you Mark and Amelia and may the best triathlete win!