Wall of Fame

Since the very first Royal Windsor Triathlon in 1991, there have been many famous faces from the world of triathlon gracing the top step of the podium in Alexandra Gardens.

From six time winner’s apiece Spencer Smith and Emma Pallant to Olympian Jodie Stimpson, the Windsor Wall of Fame is peppered with success stories of triathletes who have gone on from Windsor to claim further titles. Who knows, the next name on the list could be yours!

Windsor Tri Elite Winners

“I have been racing Windsor Tri since the 90’s,” says Stuart Hayes. “I live just down the road in Twickenham, so the Royal Windsor Triathlon is very much a home event – I have been using Windsor as a training ground for the last 20 years and will continue to train and coach around Windsor so it’s a really special event to be a part of.”

“Since I took up triathlon I have been returning to Windsor to race each year and it’s one of my favourite events to do,” says Emma Pallant. “The swim is nice and quick, the bike is along roads we ride on through the summer and the run through the town you have so much support! It’s a fun, friendly race with heaps of competition and history and a beautiful castle backdrop, the home of the queen for a royal race!”