Combatting the hot weather on event day

As event day nears it’s clear to see that it is going to be a stunningly hot and sunny day. Temperatures are expected to reach the high twenties with very little wind and cloud cover.
Here are our top tips to help you prepare for the hot weather on event day:


  • Make sure that you hydrate well the day before the event and in the morning.
  • Please have extra fluids with you to hydrate after the swim and out on the bike and run courses
  • There is a water station on the run course but bringing your own is still advisable due to the heat.


  • In addition to keeping hydrated, we also advise you don’t forget to wear suncream,
  • Do not put your swim cap on until you are at the swim start.
  • keep your wetsuit unzipped to your waist until you are at the swim start area (a 10-minute walk from transition).
We look forward to welcoming you all on event day!