5 facts about Royal Windsor Triathlon

Now in its 29th year, the Royal Windsor Triathlon is one of the most iconic triathlons in the UK. With few events being able to compete with the stunning surroundings of Windsor, not to mention running through the shadows of Windsor Castle and the vista of greenery on the Long Walk, Royal Windsor Triathlon prides itself above the rest.

To celebrate the triathlon’s heritage, we have compiled 5 fun facts about the history of Royal Windsor Triathlon.

1) A long history

The first Royal Windsor Triathlon took place in the summer of 1991, where only 300 people competed! In more recent years, we see over 2,500 people run in the shadows of the Castle, swim in the Thames, and ride through the streets, highlighting how popular triathlon and this event has become.

2) Race Legends

The first event was won by Spencer Smith who completed the distance in an incredible 1:47:15 and continued to win 6 of the first 9 events! Before 2000, Sian Brice, dominated the female title, winning a total of 4 events. Could you be the next champion and challenge Spencer or Sian?

3) Whoops!

In 2003, the thirteenth edition of the event, during the elite event there was a very unfortunate incident! Almost all of the elite men turned at the Sprint turn buoy in the swim instead of turning at the Olympic distance turn buoy! This resulted in them all being disqualified, so the race was won by an unknown Maltese athlete. The event even made The Times with an article by the then sports correspondent, David Powell.


4) The Most Iconic event in the UK

Since starting in 1991, Royal Windsor Triathlon has gone on to win British Triathlon Federation’s Event of the Year a staggering 7 times! The triathlon first scooped up the award in 1999, and has continued to grow over the following years, leaving its mark in the triathlon calendar.

5) You never know who you are going to see!

Over the years, Royal Windsor Triathlon has seen several famous faces, in and outside the triathlon world; Jodie Stimpson, claimed first place in 2009 who went onto to achieve a double Gold medal at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games; and in 2017, Princess Beatrice completed the run leg of the event. Keep you eyes peeled…