This weekend is the perfect time to start gearing up to the Royal Windsor Triathlon: here’s why

Is it just us, or is May one of the best months of the year? The weather is finally starting to behave itself (see you later, April showers); the days are longer; ice cream vans tinkle on the streets; the smell of the first BBQs of the year waft through the air; and it is Bank Holiday galore.

The arrival of May also means that it is only one month to go until the Royal Windsor Triathlon on Sunday 11th June(!) The excitement (and nerves) typically start to build towards the event from here.

In fact, we think that this weekend (Saturday 6th May – Monday 8th May) is the perfect chance to start really looking ahead to the Royal Windsor Triathlon. Here’s why:

  • It will mark the coronation of King Charles III (Saturday 6th May). Windsor will play a key role in the coronation, as the location of the ‘after-party’ concert which the King will attend himself. Look out for coverage of the iconic Windsor castle – home to royalty and 1,000 years of royal history – and the spectacular Long Walk in front of the castle which you will run down in little over a month’s time!


  • It’s a Bank Holiday. While a 3-day weekend is a great opportunity to relax and re-coup your energy sources, it is also a great time to get some endurance-based training in. Why not get out for a long bike ride, swim or practice 10km run? You could even try a BRICK session (back-to-back cycle and run) to build up your confidence and strength. Then, when the hard work is done, you can have a whole day(s) off to scoff the scotch eggs and Victoria sponge!


  • Warmer weather. OK, it’s not forecast to be blazing sunshine, but the weather will be a respectable 17-19 °C. It is a particularly good opportunity to get some outdoor swim practice in (you’ll probably still need your wetsuit…) – check out wild swimming locations or outdoor lidos for a refreshing start to the weekend.


  • It’s just over a month to go until the Royal Windsor Triathlon! Now is really the time to ramp up your training (before cooling off a week or so before the event), practice event day strategies and skills (such as transitions, drinking whilst on the bike and getting your nutrition fine-tuned…) For some great tips, check out our ‘Tips for Transition’ article here, as well as our ‘Top Tips for a River Swim’ here. Also, look out for your ‘One Month to Go’ email in the following week – we’ve got some exciting news!


However you start gearing up towards the Royal Windsor Triathlon, make sure to share your pictures and reels with us using the hashtag #RoyalWindsorTriathlon.